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Welcome to the Money Insights Podcast, the show that brings together hosts Christian Allen and Rod Zabriskie, Founder and President of Money Insights. Every week, they gather to explore the captivating realm of money and business. From topics on generational wealth, insights into investing strategies, current money news headlines, and much, much more - every episode is thoughtfully designed to be packed full of valuable takeaways! Christian and Rod's extensive expertise and unwavering passion for wealth building is easy to see - and hear!

Tune in to each weekly episode and get ready to elevate your wealth building mindset, your money, and business!

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Money Insights was founded by Christian Allen in 2014 after working in the financial services industry for over a decade. Christian's mission is to help high income earners accelerate their wealth building, optimize their investing, and find new and innovative ways to go from high income to high net worth.

Money Insights has been built on the principle that “off-the-shelf” products and solutions often do not meet the needs of high income earners. Our team works to collaboratively design customized financial solutions that will leave a lasting impact for each of our unique clients!

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